• Till Heaven Do Us Part

    After living in Hell for a year, I might have to amend the saying “Hell is other people” to “Hell is other people’s family.” Specifically, my dear demon husband’s family, AKA my infernal in-laws. Even more specifically, Lucifer, my grandfather-in-law.

    In a revelation surprising exactly no one, Lucifer really is a mean-spirited, nefarious, hateful mothertrucker, and for reasons beyond my control, I am bound to him with a vow of silence about a juicy little secret he’s been keeping—from Azazel, my beloved demonic spouse. Which puts me between a rock and a hard place, and I don’t mean between the wall and Azazel’s magnificently muscled torso. That one, I wouldn’t mind.

    I’m notoriously bad at keeping secrets. Given the non-existent filter between my brain and my mouth, no one’s more impressed than me that I haven’t spilled the beans to Azazel yet. I can only credit the paralyzing fear of what Lucifer would do to me if I broke my vow to him. But I’m just barely keeping it together here. All it would take for me to crack is a crisis that short-circuits my brain and I’d probably sing like a canary.

    Thank goodness my life is boring AF and nothing ever happens here in Hell to throw me off kilter.

    Oh, wait…


    Author’s Note: Till Heaven Do Us Part is the second installment in the Infernal Covenant trilogy. This book ends in a cliffhanger, for which the author is really sorry.* Book 3 will likely be released in early 2024. While complaints about the cliffhanger won’t make the author write faster, production speed may be increased by sending her copious amounts of coffee.**

    *not really

    **or kind messages of support

    —The author set the release date for this book well in advance to be on the safe side, but anticipates the book to be finished by summer 2023, in which case the preorder will be released early—