• Nadine Mutas

    Nadine Mutas writes paranormal romances that are equal parts funny and spicy. She has won multiple awards with her books, but alas, no annual supply of coffee yet.

    After majoring in subjects that were fun to study but less applicable for making a living with (Japanese, South Asian Studies), Nadine has turned to fully indulging her weird fantasies that people actually pay her to write down. You can usually lure her out of her socially awkward shell by striking up a conversation about languages (keywords: Indo-European family; relation of Sanskrit to Ancient Greek) and watch her geek out for the next hour.

    She lives in Germany with her college sweetheart, beloved little demon spawn, and two infernal cats hellbent on cuddling her to death (Clarification: Her husband and kids prefer her alive. The cats, she’s not so sure about.) When she’s not writing, she can be found at the archery range, where shooting at things with sharp-tipped arrows has proven to be an excellent meditative practice.