New Looks, Same Books

I’ve been working on rebranding the series with new covers, and I’m thrilled to present you the finished new look:

Aren’t they PREEETTY? I love how they turned out, and how much more they say “Paranormal Romance” than the previous ones.
One major reason for the rebrand, in fact, is that the old covers didn’t quite convey the subgenre as well as they should have done.
Another reason is that I wasn’t able to advertise with the old covers because a couple on the cover triggers Facebook’s and Amazon Ads’ censors.
A single guy, on the other hand (especially if it’s just his face), passes the strict ad guidelines and won’t get flagged as too “suggestive.”
This just as a very brief insight into the complex decision-making process of cover design. There are many factors to consider, and in the end, the decision needs to be firmly based on market research and an understanding of the cover conventions of one’s own (sub)genre.
It took me two years to get there (oy!), but live and learn, eh?

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