All New Book Titles

For a while now I’ve been pondering this, and I finally decided to change the titles of my books. Why? Because I feel that the current titles–even though I like them a lot–don’t accurately reflect my writing or the subgenre of the books.
Blood, Pain, and Pleasure in particular may give the wrong impression about the novel’s content, and I hate the thought that potential readers may be turned off by the title and never get to discover Merle and Rhun’s story. That’d be a shame!
When I wrote BP&P, I came up with that title, and then I just stuck with it and published it with that name. But that was 2 years ago, and I’ve learned a TON of things about the industry, my genre, and marketing since then, and I now realize that I could have done better with naming my books.
The beauty of being an indie author is that we can pivot when we realize something is not working, or that something else may be better. I want to make sure that new readers can easily find my books and identify them as the stories they’ll love–and the new titles I chose contribute to that.

So, without further ado, here are the new and improved titles of my books:

  • To Seduce a Witch’s Heart (formerly: Blood, Pain, and Pleasure, Merle and Rhun’s story)
  • To Win a Demon’s Love (formerly: Blood, Breath, and Desire, Lily and Alek’s story)
  • To Stir a Fae’s Passion (formerly: Blood, Need, and Temptation, Isa and Basil’s story)
  • To Caress a Demon’s Soul (formerly: Blood and Shadows, Anjali and Thorne’s story)

I already have a title for book 4 as well, but I’ll keep hush hush about that one, because it contains a teeny spoiler as to whose book it’ll be. 😉
The series name will change, too, the new one being: Love and Magic.

So, long story short, don’t be alarmed if you see these new titles popping up on the retailers or on your reading device (in case of automated updates). These are not new books, just the same stories with new titles. 🙂
I hope you like the new names as much as I do!

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